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Linking science investigation and world peace

Jonathan Harris, is Head of Academy Music at the Premier Academy (Milton Keynes, UK), and the UK “alpha-contact” for the Global Science Opera. He is now working on a new version of his song “Bring Peace” for this year’s Global Science Opera, “Moon Village”. Originally written for the 2015 GSO Production, “SkyLight“, he now hopes that many […]

Professional storytellers creates scene in Moon Village

The Italian Story-Telling Center in Portico di Romagna will collaborate with the Global Science Opera (GSO) in 2017 during the “Moon Village” opera production. During the year, the Italian team,  here represented by  Giovanna Conforto (photo),  will create a scene within the opera, together with Italian pupils.

Innovation-based student enterprise to enhance innovation in teacher education

The EU project “SPACE” is a Strategic Partnership which recently had its kick-off meeting at the Dundalk Institute of Technology (Ireland). Plans were made for the realization of an ambitious 3-year plan to form an innovation-based student enterprise which will enhance innovation in teacher education. This will be achieved by introducing pre-service teachers to the […]

Global Hands on Universe & Galileo

Global Hands-On Universe Conference 2016 took place in Stord,Rommetveit Campus, Norway from 22 to 27 August 2016, along with the annual Galileo Teacher Training Program (GTTP) international workshop for teachers and educators. It was a great and very successfull week with participants from all over the world. The focus of the conference was the potential […]