Project work in times of the COVID-19-pandemic

The CASE center is involved in two ongoing Erasmus+-projects, both of them will be affected by the outbreak of the COVID-19-pandemic.

The CASE-project was supposed to have it’s final Summer School in Marathon, Athens, in July. All the Summer Schools in Marathon are cancelled due to the restrictions imposed and the ongoing public health concerns regarding the COVID-19 outbreak. The project’s final International Conference, planned at Stord late August, has been postponed until December 1st-3rd. The Norwegian National Agency DIKU has accepted the project’s application for a four months extension of the project period, thus the project will run until December 31st.

The other ongoing ERASMUS+-project, GSO4SCHOOL, is also affected by the cancellation of the Summer Schools in Greece. The cancellation of the first Summer School in the project, with training of 12 teachers before their implementing of the GSO-approach in schools in Italy, Norway, Portugal, Cyprus and Greece, means that the concortium has to provide alternatives for the basic training of the teachers. The first GSO4SCHOOL International Conference was planned as a part of the GSO-festival in Bergen in September. The concortium now plan to coordinate the conference with the final conference in the CASE-project December 1st-3rd.

Hopefully, the «stay safe-stay home»-policy will make it possible to meet face-to-face by that time.

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