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The CASE consortium has 7 european partners and brings together key players in the field of Creativity in Education, Science Education, the arts, Outreach as well as in the validation and evaluation of activities. It is an Erasmus+ Project coordintated by the CASE-centre. The CASE Project  puts forth a methodology that regards primary teachers as agents of change, and the main objectives are:

  •  To design and develop training materials aimed at training of primary teachers. These will include user-friendly manuals, guidelines, learning scenarios, open educational resources and social-media tools available on the project’s web platform. In this, the project will build upon the work of state-of-the-art European projects in the field of creative education.
  • To implement a wide-spread training approach for teachers, facilitating intake of creative Inquiry Based Science Education practices in primary schools. The project will realize numerous international mobility activities during which primary teachers will gain the necessary know-how needed to implement activities in schools and further develop their own CASE-inspired initiatives.
  • To validate and evaluate the project’s approach. Systematic validation and evaluation will be implemented to identify project impact in terms of effectiveness and efficiency
  •  To provide guidelines for continued communication and exploitation of results by the primary education community. A specific roadmap with guides for sustainability and further exploitation of project outcomes will thus be established and publicly shared

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