New Innovation project granted by the EU Erasmus+ program

New European Union project!

The CASE center’s Global Science Opera team were recently granted a new Erasmus+ project: GSO4SCHOOL (full name: Global Science Opera – Leverage students’ participation and engagement in science through art practices).

GSO4SCHOOL was granted approximately 3.3 million Norwegian kroner to support school pupils’ activities and teacher training in the Global Science Opera framework in Norway, Italy, Cyprus, Greece and Portugal.

The 3-year project will be coordinated at HVL by Janne Robberstad. The project will start in the autumn of 2019.

Partner institutions:
Western Norway University of Applied Sciences (coordinator); NUCLIO (Portugal); The Italian National Research Council (Italy); Science View (Greece); Ellinogermaniki Agogi (Greece); TPCT Consulting & Events Ltd. (Cyprus); Atheno (Norway)

The DigiSus-project presented for the Minister of Education

The Minister of Education in Norway, Jan Tore Sanner, visited one of the kindergarten partners in the DigiSus-project Friday 28th of June. In Sagvåg Maritime FUS kindergarten the project partners have designed a special sensory room that is the character Ansgar’s cabin. Ansgar is a fisherman and in his cabin the children can listen to sounds from the sea and birds, from boats in the harbor and to local songs. Only by touching different objects connected to the Makey Makey technology that is programmed in Scratch.

Minister Sanner got to enter the cabin and try the sounds, and he also got to experience to play piano-sounds by touching hands. Project leader Ingrid Grønsdal informed the minister about the objectives and organization of the DigiSus-project and the minister and his team expressed great interest in the project and plan to contact DigiSus directly to learn more.

Phd -student attends Climate Reality Leadership Training

Janne Robberstad is a PhD-student at Western Norway University of Applied Sciences (HVL), Campus Stord  researching the relationship between creativity and sustainability in a design-process. Working with international educational projects, the context for the research is the CASE-center project Global Science Opera, of which she also is the administrative production-manager. In March she participated in the Climate Reality Leadership Training in Atlanta, USA.

Her research lies in the crossroads of several fields, and it was an amazing opportunity to participate in a conference where environmental injustice was the main agenda. Atlanta, with its central history of civil right in the US, was a perfect background for getting a deeper understanding of this injustice not only being a matter of geography, but a direct result of active political choices. “We learned about the climate state of the world, of all the issues that desperately need to be solved, but also of all the great solutions already being implemented. I met other teachers who were amazed when I told them that sustainability will be an integrated part of the Norwegian national curricula from 2020.” Of course, here lies a huge responsibility for HVL, offering  Norway´s largest teacher education, to train teachers in how to do exactly this.

The DiSko project meets “The culture carousel” in Bergen

Participants (from left): Art teacher Alf Bugge Gjerstad, Bergen, DiSko project leader Kari Holdhus,  teacher Anne Kulild, Bergen and DiSko researcher Jonas Cisar Romme work with projects that relate.

The DiSko project develops and researches possible dialogic meetings between musicians, pupils and teachers in Norwegian Schools. DiSko researchers are eager to meet other researchers and practitioners that have similar agendas. Mid-March 2019 DiSko researchers and representatives for the project culture carousel from the city of Bergen met up. Culture carousel comprises of partnerships between artists provided by Bergen culture school and pedagogues from Bergen Schools. 34 Bergen schools are involved in this project. In this meeting culture carousel representatives  and DiSko researchers found out that they had a lot in common, such as emphasis on equal collaboration between adults, as well as practical and creative pupil activities as groundings for project activities.



Rosetta’s Stone» reaches the American Prize semi-finals

The American Prize has announced that Rosetta’s Stone is a  SEMI-FINALIST composer in the OPERA/THEATER/FILM/DANCE divisions, 2018-19. The opera Rosetta’s Stone is a collaboration between  the composers John G. Bilotta and Jostein Stalheim and  librettists  Oded Ben-Horin and John McGrew.

The American Prize is a series of new, non-profit national competitions in the performing arts providing cash awards, professional adjudication and regional, national and international recognition for the best recorded performances by ensembles and individuals each year in the United States at the professional, college/university, church, community and secondary school Levels.

Learn more (in Norwegian)

GSO 2019 – Transatlantic creative collaboration

Groups of students and teachers from Sao Tome and Principe, and Sobral and Campos in Brazil, working innovatively in education: a creative, democratic collaboration based on the GSO-methodology takes place with the help of Skype and Google-Docs. We are in the process of making the main story for the 2019 GSO GRAVITY, and students find inspiration both in the historical events and in the science which helped confirming Einstein´s Theory of General Relativity.  Despite at times an unreliable internet-connection, and the process not being completed, this intense experience was a success: we made it happen!


The polyphony of musician–teacher partnerships: Towards real dialogues?

Photo: Kari Svanberg

The first  article from the DiSko project has been published in Thinking Skills and Creativity. Kari Holdhus has authored the article, which aims to explore and discuss how, on many levels and in many ways, polyphonic dialogues can fluctuate among participants in a multidisciplinary didactic art project implemented in schools, namely, School and Concert – From Transmission to Dialogue (DiSko). DiSko is an innovation project that aims to try different ways to address the significant lack of school ownership to professional visiting concerts in Norwegian Schools.

Read the whole article online


Two new Artscience works published

The ART@CREATIONS project (UhnettVest) has recently published two new artworks.

I’d Go To Jail For a Whale” is an animation artwork for primary school children about wildlife preservation. It is set to music composed by Oded Ben-Horin and performed by the Swiss-Norwegian jazz ensemble, The Science Fair. (Animation: Jose Eduardo Garcia Aldama Pepe (Volda Univ. College)).

Liebe Radioaktive Damen und Herren” is an artwork inspired by the letter (1930) in which physicist Wolfgang Pauli postulated the existence of a Neutrino particle. The video includes University of Stavanger dance students (choreographed by Hagit Yakira), animation by Jose Eduardo Garcia Aldama Pepe (Volda Univ. College), and the MITAKA astronomy software (Japanese National Observatory in Tokyo). The music was composed by Petros Stergiopoulos (EA, Greece) and Oded Ben-Horin (HVL). Performing musicians: Bettina Smith (mezzosoprano, Univ. of Stavanger); Stein Inge Brækhus (percussion, Univ. of Stavanger); Petros Stergiopoulos (flute and keyboards).

One Ocean – Global Science Opera premiere on the 12th of December 2018

Did you know the ocean produces half the oxygen you breathe? That 95% of the ocean is yet to be discovered? That the ocean-floor beneath the Arctic ice is crawling with life? Join Sophia, Mo and their friends around the globe in discovering the secrets of the ocean

The Global Science Opera (GSO) exists at the meeting point of science and art, of pupils and scientists, of all human cultures. It is a global creative education initiative made possible through digital interactions and live-streaming.

In GSO 2018, students from primary schools to universities, scientists, teachers, and artists from over 20 countries join hands in this creative quest to learn about the ocean, sustainability and climate change. They create and perform simultaneously on the world-wide stage of the internet.

Click to view the One Ocean premier on December 12th at 2PM EMT!

The One Ocean concept was developed in collaboration with the Norwegian Institute for Marine Research and the Integrated Marine Biosphere Research (IMBeR). For more information:

DiSko project: Circle 2 kick off seminar

For 2 days 30 participants and researchers in the the DiSko project have been sharing, discussing and planning project activities at Jeløy, Moss. Circle 1 participants from 4 primary schools in Western Norway shared findings and results with the upcoming Circle 2 participants consisting of teachers and musicians from 3 secondary schools and one primary school in Eastern Norway. The main focus in the project is to plan and implement school concerts aiming at all participants’ joint ownership to concert visits, – pupils, artists as well as teachers and others.

DiSko’s development of concert ‘pilots’ and prototypes were discussed, the idea being that Circle 2 activities learn from Circle 1 activities and thus provide a stronger platform and experience based development for the presentation of research based findings when the DiSko project is completed in 2020. Circle 1 presentations, a social dinner and discussions in mixed groups dominated the first day whereas the second day included discussions about innovation possibilities for Cirlce 2 and more introductory detailed planning.

The project owner is  Kulturtanken (Arts for Young Audiences Norway)