ART@CREATIONS is a concept and network of artists in dialogue with the European Commission’s Horizon2020 project, “Developing an Engaging Science Classroom (CREATIONS)” and Norwegian scientists. ART@CREATIONS will produce knowledge and experience regardingartistic inquiry within a science education framework. During 2017, Norwegian artists, inspired by scientists and artists in the CREATIONS project, will produce 3 artworks and document the creative process of their creations. These will include both new and existing musical compositions set to scientific or science-inspired texts accompanied by newly-created animation movies. The artworks will be developed in dialogue with scientific organizations, and inspired by scientific topics such as The European Space Agency’s Moon Village, particle physics research at CERN, and the human DNA molecule. In 2018, these artworks will be used as inspiration for CREATIONS demonstrator workshops in Norwegian and other schools.

Music performance/recordings: University of Stavanger’s Institute of Music and Dance

Animation videos: Volda University College Animation Department

Additional scientific dialogue with Prof. Karin Pittman (BIO300, University of Bergen)

Project management, musical arrangement: Western Norway University of Applied Sciences, CASE Center Funding: UH-nett Vest

Project owner: Western Norway University of Applied Sciences, CASE Center

Project leader: Associate Professor Oded Ben – Horin