Applications for external funding

Spring and early autumn 2020, the CASE center has been involved in a number of applications sent to various sources for external funding, such as the National Research Council in Norway (NFR), DIKU – the Norwegian Agency for International Cooperation and Quality Enhancement in Higher Education, H2020 and Erasmus+.

The reason for some of this intensified activity is the fact that several of our ongoing projects are in their final phases this year.

The DIKU-application “Studentactive and arts-based learning and assessment in teacher education” (SPREK) submitted in April, has a budget of NOK 7,5 mill and decisions are expected in October this year.

The applications to NFR was one research project and one cooperative project on “Creative pedagogies” with University of Exeter and Open University (UK) as important partners, each of the applications with a budget of approx NOK 16 and 18 mill and PhD-positions included.

Additionally, the CASE center has also taken part in one H2020 STEAM project with HVL as coordinating partner, and another one as a project partner.

One ERASMUS+-applications with HVL as coordinator has been sent, and three applications with HVL as a project partner, all with topics within STEAM-education.

Altogether CASE applications amount to over NOK 30 mill in fresh support from these sources in addition to internal funding if successful. So far, one ERASMUS+-project, “Arts and mindfulness in education“, AMiE (see previous Spotlight) has been successful, and we are currently crossing fingers for the others under evaluation coming up towards the end of the year, while continously considering new opportunities to enrich our research portifolio.

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