Science and Art project at International Paris Air Show

Masters student Janne Robberstad presents Moon Village the 2017 Global Science Opera (GSO) in a B2B meeting program accompanying the Paris International Air Show (19. – 25. June), where exchange of knowledge and experiences, in combination with the search for solutions in the aerospace sector, is in the foreground.

Robberstad has explored the integration of Eco-Scenography (sustainable theatre-design) into the framework of the Global Science Opera initiative. She has also conducted research regarding the design of Eco-Scenography workshops within a global educational context, and their impact on the creative process of school children. By conducting fieldwork in Norway, Japan and the US, she found that Eco-scenography acts as a bridge between the fields of science and arts, proposed principles for how Eco-scenography’s implementation in schools should be designed, and produced new knowledge regarding the character and qualities of creativity observed in that context.

The Global Science Opera is the first opera initiative in history to envision, create, produce and perform operas as a global community. It is an educational initiative. GSO exists at the meeting point of science and art, of pupils and scientists, of all human cultures, of research and practice. GSO’s 2017 production, “Moon Village”, will be performed around the world and streamed online: A year-long creative inquiry shared by schools, universities and art institutions around the planet, in 25 countries. It will communicate the process, science and technology of the European Space Agency’s Moon Village. “Moon Village” will be a cooperation with a network of institutions and these projects:

  • Flagship Initiative of the European Commission’s Horizons 2020 Project CREATIONS.
  • The European Commission’s Erasmus+ project SPACE.
  • The Norwegian Research Council’s project iSCOPE.

Read more about GSO  and the  “Moon Village” production

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