DiSko project: Circle 2 kick off seminar

For 2 days 30 participants and researchers in the the DiSko project have been sharing, discussing and planning project activities at Jeløy, Moss. Circle 1 participants from 4 primary schools in Western Norway shared findings and results with the upcoming Circle 2 participants consisting of teachers and musicians from 3 secondary schools and one primary school in Eastern Norway. The main focus in the project is to plan and implement school concerts aiming at all participants’ joint ownership to concert visits, – pupils, artists as well as teachers and others.

DiSko’s development of concert ‘pilots’ and prototypes were discussed, the idea being that Circle 2 activities learn from Circle 1 activities and thus provide a stronger platform and experience based development for the presentation of research based findings when the DiSko project is completed in 2020. Circle 1 presentations, a social dinner and discussions in mixed groups dominated the first day whereas the second day included discussions about innovation possibilities for Cirlce 2 and more introductory detailed planning.

The project owner is  Kulturtanken (Arts for Young Audiences Norway)

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