One Ocean – Global Science Opera premiere on the 12th of December 2018

Did you know the ocean produces half the oxygen you breathe? That 95% of the ocean is yet to be discovered? That the ocean-floor beneath the Arctic ice is crawling with life? Join Sophia, Mo and their friends around the globe in discovering the secrets of the ocean

The Global Science Opera (GSO) exists at the meeting point of science and art, of pupils and scientists, of all human cultures. It is a global creative education initiative made possible through digital interactions and live-streaming.

In GSO 2018, students from primary schools to universities, scientists, teachers, and artists from over 20 countries join hands in this creative quest to learn about the ocean, sustainability and climate change. They create and perform simultaneously on the world-wide stage of the internet.

Click to view the One Ocean premier on December 12th at 2PM EMT!

The One Ocean concept was developed in collaboration with the Norwegian Institute for Marine Research and the Integrated Marine Biosphere Research (IMBeR). For more information:

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