Two new Artscience works published

The ART@CREATIONS project (UhnettVest) has recently published two new artworks.

I’d Go To Jail For a Whale” is an animation artwork for primary school children about wildlife preservation. It is set to music composed by Oded Ben-Horin and performed by the Swiss-Norwegian jazz ensemble, The Science Fair. (Animation: Jose Eduardo Garcia Aldama Pepe (Volda Univ. College)).

Liebe Radioaktive Damen und Herren” is an artwork inspired by the letter (1930) in which physicist Wolfgang Pauli postulated the existence of a Neutrino particle. The video includes University of Stavanger dance students (choreographed by Hagit Yakira), animation by Jose Eduardo Garcia Aldama Pepe (Volda Univ. College), and the MITAKA astronomy software (Japanese National Observatory in Tokyo). The music was composed by Petros Stergiopoulos (EA, Greece) and Oded Ben-Horin (HVL). Performing musicians: Bettina Smith (mezzosoprano, Univ. of Stavanger); Stein Inge Brækhus (percussion, Univ. of Stavanger); Petros Stergiopoulos (flute and keyboards).