Erasmus+ Conference and Workshop at Bømlo

The Erasmus+ project “Creativity, Art and Science in Primary Education (CASE)” held a national conference and workshop for Norwegian teachers in the municipality of Bømlo on Friday, March 16th. During the event, HVL researchers in both science and arts education introduced participants to the CASE approach. The 25 participants, most of whom were primary school teachers, gained practical experience and an understanding for the potentials and strategies of bringing together science and art in a creative way, thus supporting their teaching skills in an innovative field. The scientific inspiration for the event was Ocean Literacy.

The event was hosted by Gilje School in collaboration with “Forum for Oppvekst i Sunnhordaland”. The HVL trainers were Yuko Kamisaka, Janne Robberstad and Oded Ben-Horin.


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