First DiSko findings seminar: Reports and preliminary results discussed with project participants

Twenty project participants, researchers and other stakeholders gathered for a 2-days seminar in early January to discuss their work and experiences in the first phase of the DiSko project

Teachers from participating schools, AYAN (project owner), researchers and musicians discussed results and findings from the first year of the DiSko project.

DiSko is an innovation project funded by the National Research Council, intending to innovate school concert practices produced and implemented nationally by Arts for Young Audiences Norway (AYAN) and regional partners in Norway. The goal of the project is to develop dialogic school concert practices through research based innovation procedures in order to respond to challenges connected to school ownership and school integration.

The first Status report “Tilstandsrapport 1, 2017, by Kari Holdhus and Magne Espeland” (in Norwegian) is published and available . “The project has come a long way towards piloting sustainable models/prototypes for production and distribution of school concerts and other art experiences for pupils were all groups involved in this work (teachers, musicians, pupils and producers) grow ownership to the productions”, says Holdhus. This first report focuses on a description of what kind of institutional conditions and participant attitudes which needs to be in place to evoke and build this kind of relations and partnerships between schools and artists.

The first cycle of DiSko continues throughout 2018. In the second cycle of the project, which starts early autumn 2018, 4 new schools from eastern Norway will enter the DiSko project

Two master students and a PhD student from the Faculty of Education, Arts and Sports at Western Norway University of Applied Sciences are linked to the project, thus linking the project to research and teacher education.