GSO4SCHOOLS Kick-off-meeting at HVL campus Stord, Norway, October 15-16

The GSO4SCHOOL Consortium members gathered for the kick-off-meeting for the project on the 15th and 16th of October at HVL campus Stord, Norway. The coming three years they will train teachers in STEAM-education in general and the GSO-methodology specifically.

The GSO4SCHOOLS project’s main aim is to train and motivate school students and teachers in the innovative GSO-methology, fusing science and art through curiosity and creativity, and to strenghten the network that will work together, exchange practices and maintain the Global Science Opera activities in the future.

The project aims to raise both school students’ and teachers’ skills in social, science, cultural and arts aspects.

The project is funded by the ERASMUS+ Programme.

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At the picture, from the left:

  • Oddgeir Randa Heggland, HVL/Norway (Science teacher)
  • Menelaos Sotiriou, Science View/Greece
  • Thomas Parissis, TPCT/Cyprus
  • Anne-Beate Ulveseth Lilletvedt, HVL/Norway (Drama teacher)
  • Nina Østensjø, Atheno/Norway
  • Grethe Lønning Grimsbø, HVL/Norway (Administrative support)
  • Elise Aabel Eriksen, HVL/Norway (Financial project adviser)
  • Rosa Doran, Nuclio/Portugal
  • Magne Espeland, HVL/Norway (Chair SAB CASE)
  • Oded Ben-Horin, HVL/Norway (Head of department, Arts Education)

Sitting in front:

  • Valentina Tudisca, CNR/Italy
  • Janne Robberstad, HVL/Norway (Project coordinator)
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