The CASE Center starts the SAR-project (Students as Resource)

The SAR project is initiated by the CASE centre in co-operation with the Department of Arts Education (DAE) in Western Norway University of Applied Sciences. The aim of the SAR project is to find new ways to channel and develop mature students’ skills, insights, ideas and knowledge in interaction with the CASE center’s Arts-relevant projects and some specific areas in DAE’s study programmes.  Participants in the projects will from time to time be 4-7 mature (graduate and post-graduate) students who are invited to join the SAR project after an open application process and interviews, as well as DAE/CASE teachers and researchers who have special responsibilities for the areas relevant for SAR activity. “Tasks, challenges and activities for participants will be specified by or delegated to teaching and research staff” says professor Magne Espeland who chairs the Scientific Advisory Board of the CASE centre.

The project will be organised as a ‘Project on Demand’ (PoD) where the student participants and responsible staff discuss problems, challenges, ideas, solutions and implementation. SAR students will be interviewed once pr. semester about the effects of the project on their attitudes and knowledge about research, relevant study programmes and learning efficacy.

In the picture you see the SAR-students Øivind Olsen Tombre, Eivind Frogner Rimestad and Noah Wibe.

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