Phd -student attends Climate Reality Leadership Training

Janne Robberstad is a PhD-student at Western Norway University of Applied Sciences (HVL), Campus Stord  researching the relationship between creativity and sustainability in a design-process. Working with international educational projects, the context for the research is the CASE-center project Global Science Opera, of which she also is the administrative production-manager. In March she participated in the Climate Reality Leadership Training in Atlanta, USA.

Her research lies in the crossroads of several fields, and it was an amazing opportunity to participate in a conference where environmental injustice was the main agenda. Atlanta, with its central history of civil right in the US, was a perfect background for getting a deeper understanding of this injustice not only being a matter of geography, but a direct result of active political choices. “We learned about the climate state of the world, of all the issues that desperately need to be solved, but also of all the great solutions already being implemented. I met other teachers who were amazed when I told them that sustainability will be an integrated part of the Norwegian national curricula from 2020.” Of course, here lies a huge responsibility for HVL, offering  Norway´s largest teacher education, to train teachers in how to do exactly this.

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