The DiSko project meets “The culture carousel” in Bergen

Participants (from left): Art teacher Alf Bugge Gjerstad, Bergen, DiSko project leader Kari Holdhus,  teacher Anne Kulild, Bergen and DiSko researcher Jonas Cisar Romme work with projects that relate.

The DiSko project develops and researches possible dialogic meetings between musicians, pupils and teachers in Norwegian Schools. DiSko researchers are eager to meet other researchers and practitioners that have similar agendas. Mid-March 2019 DiSko researchers and representatives for the project culture carousel from the city of Bergen met up. Culture carousel comprises of partnerships between artists provided by Bergen culture school and pedagogues from Bergen Schools. 34 Bergen schools are involved in this project. In this meeting culture carousel representatives  and DiSko researchers found out that they had a lot in common, such as emphasis on equal collaboration between adults, as well as practical and creative pupil activities as groundings for project activities.



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