Welcome to webinar: Art and school – in sustainable dialogue?

Thursday November 19 2020 at 10am-2pm CET the conference Art and school – in sustainable dialogue will be hosted as a zoom webinar. The webinar forms the closing event of the innovation research project School and concert – from transmission to dialogue.

Project results suggest radical alternatives to current transmission practices in the visiting arts program The cultural schoolbag. At the webinar, results will be presented as a backdrop for panel debates and reflection around future possibilities for cultural schoolbag activities. Recorded interviews with musicians and teachers who have been active at DiSko project schools will be presented, and during the day, representatives from different related institutions and environments will be active. These are e.g. participants in similar projects, people from regional production units and proponents of higher education. For some of the sessions, audience have the possibility to pose comments and questions.

The entire webinar is carried through in Norwegian language. The event is free, but participants must sign up by November 11. Please help us spread this information!

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